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Eye Hospitals

  • Dr. Ram Prasad Pokhrel Eye Hospital

    Dr. Ram Prasad Pokhrel Eye Hospital

    Phone : +977-26-521418  

    E: rppeh.dhankuta@yahoo.com

    This hospital was established in 2043 (1987) as eye care center....

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  • Dr.Binod Neeta Kandel Eye Hospital

    Dr.Binod Neeta Kandel Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-078-520146


    This hospital was established...

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  • Chhanda (Kale Babu) Narayani Eye Hospital

    Chhanda (Kale Babu) Narayani Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-076-530030

    Former Bahadurgunj Eye care centre is now upgraded to Chhanda (Kale Babu) Narayani Eye Hospital...

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  • Butwal Lion Eye Hospital

    Butwal Lion Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-071-45845

    Butwal Lions Eye Hospital,estabilshed...

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  • Geta Eye Hospital

    Geta Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-091-575112

    Geta Eye Hospital was established with the financial support from NORAD, Norway in 1981, and it became fully operational from November 1982. Right now,...

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  • Fateh Bal Eye Hospital

    Fateh Bal Eye Hospital


    Fateh Bal Eye Hospital, Nepalgunj -7 Fultekra

    Phone: +977- 81 -...

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  • Rapti Eye Hospital

    Rapti Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-082- (520165 / 520322)



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  • Lumbini Eye Institute

    Lumbini Eye Institute

    Phone No.:+977-071-523827

    Website: http://www.lei.org.np
    Present Lumbini Eye Institute (LEI), is a developed form of...

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  • Palpa Lions Lacoul Eye Hospital

    Palpa Lions Lacoul Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-075-520783

    Shree Rana Ambika Shah Eye Hospital of Bhairhawa, extended the eye care service at a very primary level in Tansen, Palpa in 1986 in a small room of...

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  • Himalaya Eye Hospital

    Himalaya Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-061-460352


    Himalaya Eye Hospital was established in 1993 at Gharipatan,...

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  • Hiralal Santu Devi Pradhan Eye Institute

    Phone: +977-056-520333,523333   E: hospitalmanager@beh.org.np

    The Hiralal Santu Devi Pradhan...

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  • Kedia Eye Hospital

    Kedia Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-051-620482

    Kedia Eye Hospital was established in 1975 AD with the help of...

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  • Gaur Eye Hospital

    Gaur Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-055-520039

    The history of Gaur Eye Hospital began with an eye camp that was conducted in Gaur, the head quarters of Rautahat district in 1990. It was realized...

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  • Biratnagar Eye Hospital

    Biratnagar Eye Hospital

     Website: http://www.erec-p.org

     Phone: +977-21-436360  Email: beh@erec-p.org   


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  • Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital

    Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital

    Phone No.:+977-033-560402



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News & Events

Declaration of trachoma elimination
Declaration of trachoma elimination

The Ministry of Health and Population said people affected by trachoma received quality eye...Read More »

Nepal first country in South-east Asia to eliminate trachoma: WHO

Nepal first country in South-east Asia to eliminate trachoma: WHO

Nepal’s State Minister for Health Padma Kumari...Read More »

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