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NNJS Central Office Staffs

S.No. Name Designation Email ID
1 Mr. Sailesh Kumar Mishra Executive Director smishra@nnjs.org.np
2 Mr. Shekhar Sharma       Finance and Admin Manager  shekhar_sharma@nnjs.org.np
3 Mr. Badri Prasad Mainali Head,Internal Audit Department  bpmainali@nnjs.org.np
4 Mrs. Sabita K.C. Board Secretary sabita@nnjs.org.np
5 Mr. Sailendra Man Singh IT Consultant sailendra@nnjs.org.np
6 Mr. Hukum Prasad Pokhrel Program Co-ordinator hpokhrel@nnjs.org.np
7 Mr. Ranjan Shah Program Associate ranjan_shah@nnjs.org.np
8 Mr. Manish Sharma  Finance Officer manish@nnjs.org.np
9 Mr. Shyam Sapkota Assistant 2nd Class shyamsapkota@nnjs.org.np
10 Mr. Jaganath Dhital Assistant 2nd Class jdhital@nnjs.org.np
11 Mr. Narayan Thapa Eye Worker narayan@nnjs.org.np
12 Mrs. Binita Singh Receptionist Assistant binita_singh@nnjs.org.np
13 Mr. Ramlal Tamang Driver ramlal_tamang@nnjs.org.np
14 Mr. Bhoj Prasad Gautam Driver bgautam@nnjs.org.np
15 Mr. Sonam singh Syangtan Driver sonamsingh@nnjs.org.np
16 Mr. Ranjeet Danuwar Office Helper ranjeetdanuwar@nnjs.org.np
17 Mrs. Kalpana Chaudhary Office Helper kchaudhari@nnjs.org.np
Kirtipur Eye Hospital and Ophthalmic study Center
S.No Staff Name Designation Email ID
1  Dr. Binita Sharma  Act. Medical Director drkirtipureh@nnjs.org.np
2  Dr. Nisha Manandhar Ophthalmologist drnisham@nnjs.org.np
3  Dr. Ashmita Sharma Ophthalmologist drashmitas@nnjs.org.np
4  Mrs. Deepa Khadka Optometrist deepakhadka@nnjs.org.np
5  Mr. Bikram Kumar Das  Optometrist bikramkd@nnjs.org.np
6  Mr. Rajendra Maharjan  Ophthalmic Assistant rmaharjan@nnjs.org.np
7  Mrs. Binita Dawadi  Ophthalmic Assistant binitadawadi@nnjs.org.np
8  Mr. Utsab Thapa  Ophthalmic Assistant uthapa@nnjs.org.np
9  Mr. Surendra Bhandari  Ophthalmic Assistant sbhandari@nnjs.org.np
10  Mr. Ramsagar Maharjan  Ophthalmic Assistant ramsagar@nnjs.org.np
11  Mrs. Manju K.C  Asst. First Class manjukc@nnjs.org.np
12  Mr. Govinda Sharma  Eye Worker govindasharma@nnjs.org.np
13  Mr. Bholanath Nepal  Eye Worker bholanath@nnjs.org.np
14  Mrs. Ramita Parajuli  OT Assistant rparajuli@nnjs.org.np
15  Mr. Mahesh Pyakurel  Storekeeper mahesh@nnjs.org.np
16  Mr. Chandra Lal Tamang  Eye Worker chandralaltamang@nnjs.org.np
17  Mr.  Sudeep Basnet  Opti. Dis. sudeepbasnet@nnjs.org.np
18  Mr. Dev B. Budhachettri  Driver devbb@nnjs.org.np
19  Mrs. Chandrabati Acharya  Office Helper cacharya@nnjs.org.np
20  Mrs. Saraswati Maharjan  Office Helper smaharjan@nnjs.org.np
21  Mr. Ramesh Pode  Office Runner rameshp@nnjs.org.np
22  Mrs. Manjari Poudel  ECC Helper manjaripoudel@nnjs.org.np
23  Mr. Ankit Shreebastav Ophthalmic Assistant ankitshreebastav@nnjs.org.np
24  Mr. Hrishita Bista Ophthalmic Assistant hrishitabista@nnjs.org.np
25  Mrs. Kabita Maharjan  Account Assistant kabitamaharjan@nnjs.org.np
26  Ms. Anjila Adhikari Ophthalmic Assistant anjilaadhikari@nnjs.org.np
27  Ms. Buddhika Maharjan Ophthalmic Assistant buddhikamaharjan@nnjs.org.np
28  Mr. Harish Maharjan Opti. Dis. harishmaharjan@nnjs.org.np
29  Ms. Uma Poudel  Opti. Dis. umapoudel@nnjs.org.np
30  Mrs. Radha Dongol Ophthalmic Assistant radhadongol@nnjs.org.np
31  Mr. Binay Subedi Opti. Dis. binodsubedi@nnjs.org.np

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26th NNJS Central Assembly Meeting held on 8th and 9th November 2019

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Declaration of trachoma elimination

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